Going virtual? Steer your business clear with Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments.

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Security for Cloud and Virtual Environments

Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments

Designed to protect the modern business culture, Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments brings ultimate, incorporated protection for all virtual environments. It lets you stay in the center of your IT and manage clouds virtually without hassle.


  • Best protection level. With optimized performance in virtual environments.

  • Dedicated. Specially designed to tackle security challenges in virtual and cloud environments.

  • Easy. Reduced complexity.

  • Affordable and flexible licensing. A simple pricing model and affordable total cost.

  • Fits all. Covers everything from purely virtual to mixed and hybrid environments.

  • Comprehensive. Supports all popular virtualization platforms.

What's in security for cloud and virtual environment

Optimize the use of resources in F-Secure products ( Client Security and Client Security Premium, Anti-Virus for Workstations, Server Security, E-mail and Server Security ) by having your own Scanning and Reputation Server and manage it all with Policy Manager.

Anti-Virus for Workstations

Scanning and Reputation Server

Technical details

Supporting virtual and cloud environments

Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments offers best security for public and private cloud solutions, virtual servers and virtual desktops (VDI). It offers support for the most common virtual environments.

  • Hypervisor agnostic, it allows deployment in any virtualization environment (VI or VDI)

  • Offload CPU intensive scanning operations to a dedicated Scanning and Reputation Server

  • Secure virtualization of public and private clouds in VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V environments

  • Proactive, behavior-based protection against malware, exploits, phishing and network based attacks

  • Reduced memory, CPU and disk space consumption on virtual machines

  • Optional: Software Updater, keep operating system and 3rd party solutions updated automatically

Supported Platforms and Languages

See the Scanning and Reputation Server Download page for more details.

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